Friday, May 10, 2019

Nuclear Power

Britain needs to have Nuclear power as part of a balanced mix of low-carbon energy sources.

Renewables have a part to play but we need sources of power which are available all the time - not just when the tide is coming in or going out, when the sun is shining and when the wind is blowing in the range of speeds for turbines to work.

We need to phase out the use of coal for generating power as an immediate objective - Britain is now making great strides towards this - and ultimately for other uses as well, though it will be decades before we can make steel without the use of coking coal.

Where we continue to use fossil fuels, be it gas, oil or coal, we need to invest in carbon capture technology.

But we will not be able in the medium term to generate all the power we need using low carbon methods without a significant element of power from new nuclear build in the mix.

I also believe that because of the immense investment required, the long life of these projects and the need for decommissioning and waste management that the government needs to be involved at the very least in acting as a guarantor.

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