Saturday, October 03, 2020

New Conservative party HQ to open in Leeds

Today, the Conservative Party Chairman will announce that a new Conservative Party headquarters will open in Leeds, demonstrating our commitment to delivering for people who placed their trust in us, many for the first time, last December.

  • Last year, we won in parts of the country that have never had a Conservative MP before, and we are determined to make these seats part of the fabric of our Party and our country.
  • We gained more than 40 seats in the Midlands and the North at the last election, and the best way we can deliver for people is to be there. That’s why we will open a new Conservative Party headquarters in Leeds, as well as launching a new Blue Wall Fund to support our candidates in those areas to continue delivering for local people.
  • We are determined to deliver lasting change in parts of the country forgotten by successive governments – our new Northern campaign headquarters will ensure our party is best placed to deliver the change people voted for.

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