Thursday, October 08, 2020

Supporting the travel industry

The pandemic has been incredibly difficult for several industries, few worse than the travel industry. So yesterday, the government announced the creation of a new Global Travel Taskforce, to support the travel industry and the safe recovery of international travel.

  • Throughout the pandemic, the government's overriding priority has been to protect public health and save lives – and the current measures at the borders have done that.
  • We all know how challenging the current quarantine rules are for both individuals isolating, and the travel sector. That’s why this new Global Travel Taskforce has been launched to develop options for a testing regime that could reduce the time needed in self-isolation after travelling abroad. 
  • As our understanding of the virus improves, the government will do everything it can to help get life back to some sense of normality, while continuing our efforts to suppress the virus and keep people safe.

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