Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Giving our children the education they deserve

Today’s Ofsted report underlines the importance of the government making it a national priority to get children back into nurseries, schools and colleges – as we cannot let this virus damage our children’s futures.

  • We all know that some children do need additional support to catch up as a result of the pandemic, which is why the government has launched a £1 billion Covid catch-up fund for schools to support children who need it.
  • A national tutoring programme is now live in schools, providing intensive support to the most disadvantaged children. The evidence shows high-quality tutoring can make up as much as three to five months’ lost learning.
  • The government kept schools open to vulnerable children and those of critical workers during lockdown in the Spring. From June an additional 1.6 million pupils were back in schools before all schools were fully opened at the start of the Autumn term.
  • Thanks to remarkable efforts of teachers in making them safe, schools remain the best place for our children to be, and parents should ensure their children continue to attend.

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