Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Moving forward

I have had  a briefing on some of the steps the government is taking this week to move forward in a number of areas, as follows:

"This One Nation Conservative Government is determined to improve opportunities for people across the country, regardless of their background or where they live in the UK. 

We were elected on an ambitious manifesto to unite and level up, investing in education, skills and our NHS, tackling crime and introducing tougher sentencing for those who commit the most heinous crimes – and we will deliver on these promises.

  • The Prime Minister will make a series of critical announcements over the next couple of weeks that will be a clear signal of his ongoing ambitions for the United Kingdom. This will include plans to tackle the coronavirus pandemic, as well as to level up opportunity across the country, invest in education, improve skills, create jobs, and build back better and greener from the coronavirus pandemic. 
  • Yesterday, the Prime Minister will meet with MPs virtually from the Northern Research Group to listen to their ideas and ensure that Northern MPs understand the Prime Minister’s personal ambition for levelling up the country
  • As we enter the third week of the new national restrictions, the Prime Minister will chair key COVID meetings virtually. These will look ahead to the next phase of our fight against the virus as we return to the regionalised approach after the 2nd December, as well as focusing on developments on vaccines and the role of new testing technologies in the government’s strategy to tackle coronavirus. 
  • With the spending review on the horizon, the Prime Minister and Chancellor will be making major decisions in the days ahead. At the heart of the spending review the government will ensure that we can build back better from the pandemic
  • Crucial talks on Brexit will continue in Brussels this week between Lord Frost and Michel Barnier. We will not accept any proposals in the negotiations that undermine our status as a sovereign, independent country and if the EU do not respect the sovereignty of the UK we will leave on Australian terms and we will prosper. 
  • We will also publish our Ten Point Plan, which will set out steps for a green industrial revolution to boost green jobs whilst invigorating plans to achieve net zero by 2050 – following on from yesterday’s announcement."

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