Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Landmark reforms to social housing

Today the government announced landmark reforms to improve social housing in England, giving tenants a greater voice and bringing transformational change for residents – as we deliver on our manifesto pledge to improve the quality of social housing. 

  • The then Prime Minister made a commitment to the Grenfell community that, never again, would the voices of residents go unheard.  Our manifesto pledged to provide greater redress, better regulation and improve the quality of social housing. 
  • The new Social Housing White Paper sets out plans to speed up the complaints procedure for residents and to make landlords more accountable. It also includes a new Charter setting out what every social housing resident should expect from their landlord – including to be treated with respect, to be safe in your home, to have a good quality home and neighbourhood, and to have your voice heard by your landlord. 
  • Today’s announcement also underlines the Conservative commitment to safer homes, with a consultation seeking the same legal protections on smoke and carbon monoxide alarms for social tenants as private renters.   
  • These proposals will bring real change for social housing residents, giving them a much stronger voice and re-focusing the sector on its social mission – making a measurable difference to people’s lives.

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