Saturday, November 14, 2020

Remembering who our real friends are

There are times when a person or country finds out who your real friends are.

One such time for Britain was during the Falklands War, when a group of people who were, and wished to remain, British citizens were invaded and temporarily occupied by the forces of a murderous fascist military dictatorship.

I think it is important that we never forget who supported Britain at that time and who didn't.

I am grateful to Tom Harwood on Twitter for reminding us that one of those who did support us was the then Senator Joseph Biden, now the US President-elect.

Joe Biden tabled a motion that Congress should declare support of Britain. He described this country as America's "oldest and closest ally", stood up for the NATO commitment to treat an attack on any one member of NATO as an attack on all NATO members, and said that "It's clear the British are right."   

The President-elect of the United States has proved that he is a friend to Britain and a man we can work with.

News report at time of Falklands

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