Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Helping victims of Rape and Domestic Abuse

The government will provide an extra £17 million of taxpayers' money to support and protect victims of rape and domestic abuse this winter, ensuring that support is always available to people who suffer from these heinous crimes.

  • There has been a deeply concerning rise in people reaching out to domestic abuse charities during the pandemic, and our message to victims of during this unprecedented time is clear: you are not alone.
  • So the government will provide nearly £11 million of taxpayers' money to support a range of services offering practical and emotional help, allowing organisations to recruit more staff and adapt to offering remote support during the winter. A further £7 million will be invested on a range of innovative programmes aimed at perpetrators, and which are designed to prevent domestic abuse from happening in the first place.
  • This funding will make sure that vital help is always available for those who need it, while tackling the root causes of violent behaviour that can bring so much harm.

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