Next stage of hospital development at WCH

Fantastic news today for health in West Cumbria with the details released of the next phase of building and development to increase capacity at West Cumberland hospital (WCH).

Building work to improve capacity in the emergency department at WCH will start early in the New Year.  The work is part of the £4 million winter funding awarded to North Cumbria Integrated Care NHS Foundation Trust (NCIC) earlier this year and will make it possible to further develop the same day emergency care facilities on the site.   

There has been a lot of work done in recent months to improve the Emergency Departments run by NCIC, including the successful implementation of the Same Day Emergency Care model at both sites. The delivery of additional space will enable NCIC to develop this work further, by improving capacity, reducing overcrowding, and improve the overall patient experience.  

Earlier in 2020, NHS Trusts across England, including North Cumbria Integrated NHS Foundation Trust, were allocated shares of a £300 million funding package to upgrade NHS facilities ahead of winter. NCIC was awarded £4 million of which £1.75 million is being spent at West Cumberland Hospital.

Groundwork has started at the West Cumberland Hospital to prepare for the arrival of a single storey build next month. The extension will sit adjacent to the existing build and will be accessible from the current Emergency Assessment Unit as well as a separate entrance. 

This unit will encompass a procedure room, 4 clinic/assessment rooms, an infusion room with up to 6 trollies or chairs with dedicated staff base, a reception & waiting area as well as office space.  Staff rest space is also to be improved during the project after staff highlighted this during design stage.

Improvements will also be made within the main hospital, the work comprises of, the development of a Rapid Assessment & Treatment Room (RAT’s), with the Emergency Department which will enable an improved patient experience.

It is planned that these upgrades will improve patient flow within the hospital and allow the Trust to effectively reduce some of the pressure that winter brings. The development should also reduce delays for patients who attend the Emergency Department at WCH


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