Saturday, December 19, 2020

School funding

On Thursday, the government confirmed a £2.2 billion boost to school funding for the majority of local authorities in England - another step towards delivering on the Conservative manifesto pledge to invest £14 billion in levelling up education in every corner of the country, over next three years.

  • Every pupil, no matter what their background, deserves an excellent education and the chance to fulfil their potential, as we level up every part of the UK and spread equality of opportunity for all.
  • With this funding boost every pupil in England will see the benefit. The majority of local authorities will see increases of more than three per cent in their funding per pupil. This marks the second of a three-year £14 billion funding boost which will see schools receiving the biggest increase in funding in a decade.
  • With this three-year funding settlement, we will ensure all children and young people receive the excellent education they deserve, regardless of where they grow up or go to school – giving every child the very best start in life, maximising their potential and career prospects.

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