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"The Prime Minister is stealing our clothes but he is going to look pretty silly walking around in mine"

Margaret Thatcher (while leader of the opposition, referring to the then Labour government of Jim Callaghan copying some Tory policies, and demonstrating that she did have a sense of humour ...)


Jim said…
I know its the wrong thread, but its hard to comment on this thing (using the kindle) just wanted to comment on education, and standards.

At the budget George's report tells us road tax will raise with inflation. So it will go up 2%

I taxed my car, like a good boy, on 13 April, ready for another year from 1st may. The cost had gone from £135, up to £140.

You may say, yeah, like he said. But its not like you said is it George. £135 to £140 isn't a 2% rise is it George, its a 3.5% rise isn't it. So its not in line with inflation (which once again I point out is government induced inflation from which you have already profited once George).

It may though just be as I suspect, you thought you were telling the truth but you got your sums wrong (again)

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