Swimathon 2013 - two days to go

Swimathon 2013 starts today and in another two days both my son John and myself will be taking part at Copeland pool in Hensingham. It will be a bit of a change from charging around the county on behalf of various county council candidates, and campaigning in St Bees, Moor Row, Bigrigg, Mirehouse, and the rest of what the boundary commission in their wisdom called the "Egremont North and St Bees" ward myself.

Another huge thank-you to all those who have already sponsored myself, my son, or both, for Swimathon 2013 in which we are raising money for Marie Curie cancer care. Thanks to your generosity my son has reached double his fundraising target and I am more than half-way to mine.

As I have mentioned on earlier posts, this is a big event for me in two ways: the twentieth consecutive year I have taken part myself, which means I will have swum a hundred kilometers for charity in successive Swimathons if I finish the course, and also first year my son John is also taking part.

We will both be doing the Swimathon at Copeland pool this Sunday: I am attempting the full 5,000 metres (200 lengths), while my eleven year old son who is down for a less demanding challenge is simply going to swim as far as he can.

Anyone who has not already sponsored us and would like to do so can support Marie Curie Cancer care by sponsoring either of us at the respective pages below.

My fundraising page:

Chris Whiteside's sponsorship page for Swimathon 2013

My son's fundraising page:

John Whiteside's sponsorship page for Swimathon 2013


Jim said…

as an as yet undecided voter in your ward (I was toying with the idea of going UKIP, however that's a paper candidate) So I am to be fair totally undecided, and think it may be good for you to lay out to readers your policy. I (for one) would like to know your policy on:

1. The closure of the public toilets in the area, would you cut other spending in order for them to be re opened or not?

2. The condition of the roads here in Copeland, (meadow road looks a lot like the dark side of the moon at the moment. Would you use more of our money to fix them?

3. Bin collections, would you aim to cut other spending in order to fund weekly bin collection?

4. Parking charges in Whitehaven, would you aim to help the town regenerate by reducing or better still eliminating parking charges?

Just 4 questions there, but I think these are 4 important ones.

I know I tagged it to your swimathon thing for which I have no intention to prevent you obtaining any sponsorship in any way, Think its a great cause and its good you are doing it. (just you mentioned standing in a ward in the early part of the post)

Just another post with your policy including my 4 questions would be good, and I am sure no reader of the blog would argue that its a fair thing to ask.
Jim said…
Also should have added that the blog comments needing moderated is also undemocratic.

there may be a need on mortuary posts. but there is no need normally. This is one that you can simply agree to.

Just turn it of as it sucks, keep it if you like for mort posts, but on the whole no, turn it off
Chris Whiteside said…
OK, I will start a new thread tomorrow moening (Saturday) on which I will answer those four questions.

With regard to comment moderation: I will have a think.

Interestingly, the blog has as many readers as it ever did, but I've not had as many offensive, libellous, or otherwise unacceptable comments as I used to get while I was a parliamentary candidate.

I will consider turning comment moderation off for a two month experiment after the local elections.

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