Swimathon 2013: six days to go

This is Swimathon 2013 week.

A very big thank you to all those who have already sponsored myself, my son, or both, for Swimathon 2013 in which we are  raising money for Marie Curie cancer care.

It's big event for me in two ways: the twentieth consecutive year I have taken part myself, and the first year my son John is also taking part.

We will both be doing the Swimathon at Copeland pool this Sunday: I am attempting the full 5,000 metres (200 lengths), while my eleven year old son is simply going to swim as far as he can.

Anyone who has not already sponsored us and would like to do so can support Marie Curie Cancer care by sponsoring either of us at the respective pages below.

My fundraising page:

Chris Whiteside's sponsorship page for Swimathon 2013

My son's fundraising page:

John Whiteside's sponsorship page for Swimathon 2013


Jim said…
Is there a time limit on this event in order to achieve the 5000m? or is it more a swim till you cant go any more?

Chris Whiteside said…
No, the aim is to give people as long as they need.

They used to have "speed sessions" of no more than two hours for strong swimmers who know they can do it in two hours, but generally they book the lanes for three hours - and anyone who can swim 5,000 metres in one go can complete it in three hours.

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