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"Political correctness doesn't change us, it shuts us up."

Glenn Beck


Jim said…
its rather like a religion isn't it.
Seriously, if you think about it. A religion never provides an answer, it just stops you asking the questions.

Q - Where did the world come from?
A - God did it
Q - Where did god come from?
A - god always existed
Q - what existed before that?
A - Don't ask questions you can't understand, just have faith.
Chris Whiteside said…
Some forms of religion did once try to stop people thinking - some churches even published lists of books which members of that church are not allowed to read.

A truly horrible idea.

But to be fair, the best known such list - the one put out by the Roman Catholic church - was scrapped by Pope Paul VI nearly fifty years ago, and at least two people whose books were once on it have more recently been made saints or beatified.

These days it is more often followers of political fashions who try to silence those who disagree with them.

I don't think I would want anything to do with any creed, either religious or secular, which tried to stop people thinking.

Even the supporters of the most horrible ideas are better taken on in open debate, and hopefully defeated in open debate, than gagged.
Jim said…
I agree with you.

I just used the religion as one example, it sort of sprang to mind. But yes you are certainly right that generally these days it is political.

One of the things that I highly commend yourself and this blog on is that you don't tend to gag. You tend to openly publish and present your side of the argument.

In short, we don't always agree on things, but hey, at least you practice that which you preach. That alone is a sign of a good blogger.

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