Cumbria Pensions Committee

I attended the meeting of Cumbria Pensions Committee which took place online today (Thursday, 18th December 2020.)

The agenda, reports (the agenda pack ran to 344 pages and is about an inch thick) and a link to watch the part of the meeting which was in the public domain can be found on the County Council website here.

Under the access to information act, councils are allowed to hold meetings in private where they might involving disclosing matters relating to the financial affairs of individual staff members (such as their pensions) or compromise the position of the authority in terms of things we might want to buy or sell (e.g. when making major investment decisions) or in relation to actual or potential legal actions. All three of those applied to various aspects of the last few items on the agenda so that part of the meeting was not streamed to the public.

The reasons for restricting particular items on that part of the agenda can be found on the county council website by following the link above, with the exception of a slot for a verbal update on emerging issues. I don't think it counts as a breach of confidence to say that nothing major was raised under that item and it took less than a couple of minutes of the several hours the committee meeting lasted. 

Although most of the attendees are county councillors this committee has broader responsibilities than just dealing with County Council pensions - it is responsible for the local government pension scheme for all the councils in Cumbria and a number of other public sector organisations within the county area.



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