Sadly "No deal" looks like a strong possibiliity

Yesterday, the Prime Minister warned that individuals and businesses should  prepare for the strong possibility that Britain will move to trading with the EU on Australia style e.g. Word Trade Organisation terms from 1 January.

A government statement reads as follows:

  • "On Wednesday, the Prime Minister went to Brussels to try and inject some political momentum into the negotiations.
  • But regrettably, the gaps between ourselves and the EU remain very wide. In particular, what the EU is proposing in a wide range of different areas fails to properly understand what it means for the UK to have left the EU and to have regained sovereignty and control.
  • The EU is insisting that if they pass a new law which we in this country don’t automatically abide by, they have the automatic right to punish the UK and its citizens.
  • They are saying that the UK should be the only country in the world not to have sovereign control over its fishing waters and our fishermen should be made to wait a decade before they can catch a fair share of our stocks. 
  • On subsidies they want to limit our ability to support UK firms while excluding billions of pounds of EU state aid from the same regime - putting British employers and their employees at a disadvantage. They are even suggesting that we should be banned from using government policy to attract new jobs and opportunities to the UK’s regions at a time when we have promised to level up the country.
  • We remain committed to exploring every avenue to a fair deal, but it does now look likely that when the transition period ends on 31 December, we will move to trading with the EU on Australia-style terms.
  • We will approach this with confidence and optimism and while it will be bumpy in the short term, we’ll prosper mightily. We have been working hard in getting ready for trading with the EU without a free trade agreement and Cabinet Ministers will be redoubling their efforts to make sure the country is ready."


Anonymous said…
Sovereignty Trumps Sanity
Chris Whiteside said…
There is a lot of that going around - and from a number of different directions.

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