Second quote of the day 24th December 2020

"Whatever you think of the prime minister, and few are indifferent, today is a moment of triumph for Boris Johnson.

When he became prime minister, he had no majority, no mandate to call his own, an angry country and an angry Parliament.

18 months, a pandemic and nothing less than a brush with death later, he has won a big majority, got the UK out of the European Union, and now done a deal with Brussels.

Some, in the coming days, will suggest it's not good enough.

Others will never be reconciled to Brexit, an idea they will forever regard as a colossal act of self harm.

Vast amounts wait to be found, no doubt, buried amid the subterranean depths of the deal document itself.

But plenty will hope this is the final giant moment in what has been a tortuous few years, combining visceral apoplexy with waves of tedium."

(BBC journalist Chris Mason today. Not often a BBC journo writes something that positive about Boris.)


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