Tuesday, May 03, 2022

Action on HRT supply - new taskforce head appointed

It has also been announced today that the Vaccine Taskforce Director General will head a newly formed Hormone Replacement Therapy Taskforce to address issues in the supply chain, leaving no stone unturned to make sure women can access the HRT they need. 

  • Women across the country rely heavily on HRT – and thanks to greater awareness around the menopause demand for HRT has risen by 38 per cent. 
  • That is why the government has acted to appoint Madeline McTernan, Vaccine Taskforce Director General, to harness the lessons from the pandemic to head the newly formed HRT Taskforce, easing supply chain pressures and engaging with suppliers to improve the understanding of what is driving shortages. 
  • This will ensure that HRT – which is a lifeline for many women across the country – is accessible to all women who need to access these vital services.

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