Cleaning up Britain's waterways

This week the government  announced plans for water companies to invest over £180 million to prevent sewage spills across the countrydriving the largest infrastructure investment in water company history, as we stick to the plan to tackle pollution and clean up British waters. 

  • The amount of sewage being spilled into our rivers is completely unacceptable - and whilst we have taken tough action to tackle this, there is more to do. That is why we have announced plans for water companies to fast-track investment of £180 million to stop more than 8,000 sewage spills over the next year. This funding will be invested in AI systems to help manage storm loads, the installation of thousands of new in-sewer monitors to check flow and spot blockages early, and the recruitment and training of specialist staff.
  • Whilst Labour and the Liberal Democrats continue to snipe on the sidelines, we are sticking to the plan to tackle pollution and clean up British waters by protecting and strengthening our waters with increased investment, stronger regulation, and tougher enforcement action - all to create a brighter future for the years to come. 


Anonymous said…
It's the open sewer that is Westminster that needs cleared out
Chris Whiteside said…
You are entitled to your opinion but I'm not sure how helpful that kind of language is whether it comes from politicians themselves - as it often does - or from members of the public.
Chris Whiteside said…
Don't get me wrong, the people at Westminster make a lot of mistakes and should be held to account for them.

But one of the problems with politics today is that it is far too divisive and tribal - and we don't help that by casually using the kind of very strong metaphor which should be reserved for the very worst and most egregious errors in a way which appears to be meant to apply to everyone involved in national politics.

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