Reforming electricity markets

Today, the Energy Secretary set out the Conservatives' plan to deliver more gas power stations as part of our sustainable transition to net zero, as we stick to the plan to ensure proportionate and pragmatic transition, keeping bills down for families.

  • The UK is the first major economy to cut its emissions by half since 1990, showing our plan is working. We must stick to the plan as we deliver net zero in a sustainable way without increasing costs for hardworking families. That is why we will set out our plan to support the building of new gas power stations to maintain energy supplies for when the sun doesn’t shine and the wind doesn’t blow.
  • The choice is clear: stick with the plan that is working under Rishi Sunak and the Conservatives who will deliver a brighter and more sustainable future for the country, or go back to square one with Sir Keir Starmer and Labour who will just drive up bills for families with their 2030 decarbonisation promise which they themselves originally costed at £28 billion - and still say they aim to do, just now how they will deliver it or afford it.


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