Protecting the Muslim community

I have previously written about the measures the government has taken to protect Britain's Jewish citizens.

Just as there is a totally unacceptable rise in hate incidents against Jewish people  there is also an alarming rise in equally unacceptable hate incidents against Britain's Muslim citizens.

This week the government set out plans to protect our Muslim communities.

The Conservative government is investing over £100 million to protect Muslim schools, community centres and mosques as we stick with the plan in standing against hate crimes, abuse, threats, and harassment against British Muslims.

  • Anti-Muslim hatred has absolutely no place in our society and the rising number of hate attacks against British Muslims is very worrying. That is why we are investing £117 million over the next four years in new security measures, including alarms, fences, and CCTV cameras to protect Muslim schools, community centres and mosques. 
  • This is an increase of £4.9 million in funding for the Muslim community this year, and follows an increase in funding for the Jewish community, as we continue to work closely with policing and community partners, to give British Muslims and Jews the certainty and confidence that they will be kept safe. 


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