Cllr Gordon Myland RIP

I have just had a letter from St Albans City & District Council advising me of the death on Tuesday of Councillor Gordon Myland, with whom my experience of working together on that council goes back more than 25 years.

I had my agreements and disagreements with "The Gnome" as he was sometimes nicknamed - boy, did I have my disagreements with him at times - but he worked extremely hard for the people of first Clarence ward and then Bricket Wood and Chiswell Green. He was an effective and very loud voice for the people of Clarence and then St Stephens. He also worked hard for the district as a whole, particularly as Mayor of the City and District in 2004/5, and took an active role in several other parts of the district's life besides that of the council - for example, he was involved with the local Morris Men.

I won't say St Albans could ever really be a boring place, but St Albans Council will certainly be more boring without Gordon.

Rest in Peace.


Unknown said…
Very true, St Albans will never be the same without My Dear Friend Gordon....
Chris Whiteside said…

Absolutely. We'll miss him.

Hope things are going well for you in Marshalswick South.

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