Monday, March 24, 2014

Quote of the day 24th March 204

"You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say will be misquoted, then used against you."



Jim said...

Awww, you missed the underhanded, shear devious line asking for myn consent to bow down and obey.

here you go:

"Do you understand your right?"

Chris Whiteside said...

I make the odd typo myself as you have probably noticed and been too kind to point out.

Consequently I don't usually dare to criticise anyone else for them.

And when someone else makes a typo I probably correct for it without even noticing!

Jim said...

thats not pointing out a typo, hey i do it all the time.

its pointing out the shear deviousness used when asking for consent.

Chris Whiteside said...

Indeed, but at the time I assumed that it was a typo!

(I'm cursed with them at the moment - I just had to correct two typos in the word "typo"!)

Jim said...

when we were selling the house at Carlisle, i used the kindle whilst there. Handy and easy to transport.

Trouble is to type anything is infuriating, it auto corrects or perhaps I should say auto errors every other word. So you turn the "auto error" feature off (if you can ever find it) then next time you switch it on, its back again.

My typing is not great, i think its as i tend to tripe write (sic) using touch, but i just seem to think i am better at it than i really am

Chris Whiteside said...

I hate auto-correction features - even the best ones like those in some versions of Microsoft Word get things wrong a significant proportion of the time.

The worst ones make the relevant equipment totally unusable.

If I can I always turn them off.