Saturday, March 15, 2014

Quote of the day 15th March 2014

"The value of a currency is ultimately what someone will give you for it: whether in food, juel, assets or labour"

(James Surowiecki)


Jim said...

Thing is though people are waking up to this scam. As more and more people do so then the current system will fall that bit sooner.

People are waking up to things, more humans are aware they paid off their mortgage the second they took it out, they don't own their own home or car even though they paid for it in full, money is a scam and no human is subject to any statute without consent.
Humans are subject to law only. That is common law.
Only "persons" (coperations) are subject to legislation.

You could call that semantics again all you like, though the difference between law and legislation is anything but. Like I say more and more people are smelling that nice coffee. In the end every fraudster got caught usually because they got too greedy and ran out of road to kick the can. Governments and banks are not much different in that respect.
People started looking into this for different reasons for some poll tax was the trigger, others the threat of losing their homes at some point, for me it was the bank bail outs and utter dis regard towards the people with the EU. Still it's not really important as to why more and more are waking up. What matters is the fact they

Chris Whiteside said...

Not quite sure which scam you are referring to (as I would have been had this comment been left on the following post.)

But it has been a mistake which it sometimes seems each generation must make, to assume that some form of paper, be it south sea company shares or dot com stocks, has some intangible value above that of the assets, or likely future income stream, attached to it.

In the short term such a belief may cause the price to rise but if this begins to accelerate to any degree the result is always a painful crash.