Saturday, March 29, 2014

Quote of the day Saturday 28th March 2014

"What the First Minister is saying is he wants a divorce but to keep the joint bank account."

(Scottish Labour leader Johann Lamont, referring to the SNP wanting Scotland to seek "Independence" from the rest of the UK but to keep the pound.)

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Jim said...

I think the whole thing has been very poorly done by the first minister.

Not just the currency issue. The debate does seem to focus on economics, this is not really the issue to the voters though. To the voters the issue is a political one, its about who governs Scotland.

One of the main "er what?" moments was (at least to me) the fact salmond is no where near gaining independence from the rest of the UK, and is already going mad to give it away to the EU.

I really cant see the Scottish referendum producing anything other than keeping the status quo