Thursday, March 06, 2014

Quote of the day 6th March 2014

"The biggest danger to the European Union comes not from those who advocate change, but from those who denounce new thinking as heresy. In its' long history Europe has experience of heretics who turned out to have a point."

(David Cameron)

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Jim said...

Broken record time again:

Its not the fact people say "heresy" to those who want to change it, that indeed would be daft as we all can see it needs to change for the better. Though its by the by, I for one would rather just leave the EU and be done with it. (sorry drifting off on a tangent)

No its not "heresy" we in this corner are saying. What we are saying is that for any meaningful reform to happen, a new treaty will need to be created, which under the club rules means an IGC, then a new treaty then rectification bu ALL 28 current members. And all of this before the end of 2017?

Your time frame does not add up Dave.