Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Labour adviser: "You can't trust people to spend their own money sensibly"

This comment by John McTernan may be a "gaffe" in the sense of a politico accidentally saying what he actually thinks but it is also very revealing.

I didn't make it quote of the day, because it should be a quote for the week, month, year and century.

This is an perfect summary of what is wrong with the socialist mindset.


Jim said...

Woah, thanks for this clip. I had missed that one. That is utterly unbelievable.

Anonymous said...

"You can't trust people in government to spend their our money sensibly"

Chris Whiteside said...

Exactly. People should never trust government to spend their money sensibly - whatever the colour of the government.

Chris Whiteside said...

Yes, it is pretty unbelievable that he actually said it on TV, Jim, but the frightening thing is that is the way some people think.

Jim said...

Anonymous - Very true, though you should have left it at

"You cant trust people in government"