Friday, August 21, 2015

David Cameron: The first 100 days of this One Nation government

The Prime Minister speaks on what has been achieved in the first 100 days of the Conservative government.

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Jim said...

So what has really been achieved then?

more funding from the NHS - thanks taxpayers, even though we did not ask. nothing there to the government then.

as above for the living wage, or child care, plus pushing up the housing prices making house prices rise thanks to help to buy, which once again no one was asked about or had a chance to say yes or no to.

So what has been acheived in this first 100 days, well we have a referendum in late 2017 though the terms of it are up in the air, its all about a renegotiation being successful, but how do we know if it is or not, as the terms of the negotiation have not been set out. Its not really a lot in terms of "results" is it?

hang on for a "jam tomorrow" promise of 'associated membership, following the next treaty' type argument from the government. Its quite lame really.

Sure its better than the alternative "red ed" was, but that hardly puts it in a position to blow its own trumpet.