Saturday, August 08, 2015

Second quote of the day 8th August 2015

"If Heath was a child-abuser, I'm an Aardvark."

(Matthew Parris writing in today's Times)


Jim said...

I dont think he was a child abuser.

He was a very naughty boy, who led the UK blind side into the European Union, selling at as a trade deal, which of course it never was. Something that later went on to be known as "The Great Deception"
so naughty - yes
someone who bent the truth beyond breaking point - yes
a child abuser - no, not that I have seen any evidence for anyway.

Unless of course you commit his crime of bending the truth beyond breaking point, then you could argue that he abused all the children of the UK by his great deception, something that did indeed effect every child in the UK, then you may have a point, as children were indeed just as much a victim of it as the adults were. But like I say its rather a silly way to label him as a "child abuser".

Jim said...

You could make the same argument for He whom shall not be named, and his disastrous economic policy. That landed every child in the UK with an eromous amount of debt the day they were born. But would you label him a "child abuser" for it?

- neither would I