Tuesday, August 25, 2015

On the subject of inclusivity ...

Following on from Andy Burnham's gaffe about how Labour will elect a woman leader "when the time is right" here is a little reminder

Britain's first Jewish Prime Minister - Benjamin Disraeli (Conservative)

Britain's first woman MP - Nancy Astor (Conservative)

The Countess de Markievicz (Sinn Fein) was the first woman elected to parliament but she never sat as an MP. Lady Astor was the first woman to actually take her seat in the House of Commons.

First woman leader of the House of Lords - Janet Young (Conservative)

Britain's first Asian cabinet minister - Sayeeda Warsi (Conservative)

First woman of Indian ancestry to serve in a British cabinet - Priti Patel (Conservative)

And here, courtesy of Guido Fawkes is a pie chart even the Westmorland Gazette or Lib/Dems couldn't get wrong ...


Jim said...

if you cant see though the fact they are not representing the people, then fine I dont care if they are black, or white or male or female or a gay or a lesbian. The fact remains that we don't have democracy for as long as we dont have harrogate

Chris Whiteside said...

I want the best people for the job in parliament irrespective of whether they are in your words, black, or white or male or female or a gay or a lesbian.

As we are constantly being told by left-wingers and elements of the media that the Conservatives are uniquely biased against women, ethnic minorities, etc I thought it worth tweaking the tail of any such person reading this by reminding them of some evidence that this is not actually the case.