Monday, August 24, 2015

Quote of the day 24th August 2015

"I don't think my offence was sufficient to justify 4,000 people marching on the BBC's headquarters, so that young men and women who are new to journalism have, like they do in Putin's Russia, to fight their way through crowds of protesters, frightened as to how they do their jobs.

"That ... is not how politics should operate either in the UK or in a future independent Scotland, if there is to be such a thing. We should not live with journalists who are intimidated, or bullied, or fearful in any way.

"The idea that before Scotland becomes independent, if she is ever to become independent, that only certain journalists can cover it, who live in certain places and come from certain locations is again dangerous."

(BBC Political editor Nick Robinson on the reaction of the SNP to the row between himself and Alec Salmond during the Independence referendum.)

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