Saturday, August 29, 2015

Other spoof articles I've read in the past week

The funniest spoof articles usually have way, way too much truth in them.

That certainly applies to this spoof article about passwords:

If you can remember your password then it's hopelessly inadequate warn researchers.

Given the number of important passwords which I have to use, am required to change at least four times a year, get prompted to make complex so they are hard for hackers to guess and then am discouraged from writing down, I think NewsThump must have based that article on certain IT departments I have to deal with ...

Mind you, I wish there were more truth in another of their spoofs which suggested that

98% of Americans think the internet is not as believable as the bible.

Actually a bit more scepticism about material on the internet would be a thoroughly good thing in both America and Britain.

If I converted to atheism tomorrow I'd still have to admit that I've read more provably false, ridiculous and dangerous nonsense on the internet than in the bible.

Then there was

Conservatives announce plans to privatise the Labour party,


Gordon Brown explains how to win friends and influence people ...

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