Tuesday, August 18, 2015

In the news ...

* An Afghan who worked as an interpreter for the British Army has been executed by the Taliban.

We owe it to people in countries like this who have worked for the British to be sympathetic if they apply to come to Britain.

The authorities in Japan have warned that people in the vicinity of the volcano Sakurajima, near the citu of Kagoshima which has a population of more than 600,000 people, that they may have to prepare to evacuate because it possible that the volcano may be about to become active.

See next post for a discussion on whether it is reasonable that the some of the media have given less prominence to the fact that this volcano is 12 kilometres from a city of more than half a million people to the fact that it is 50 kilometres from a nuclear power station.

* more coverage on whether drones could be used to stop herring gull eggs from hatching.

   See also BBC report here.

(Unfortunately some newspaper headlines, not necessarily the articles, are misleading. Neither council involved has said drones "should" be used to do anything, and it is rather emotive to describe considering a spray to stop eggs from hatching as a proposal to "kill baby seagulls."

As I mentioned in a previous post, I am advised by members of Copeland Borough Council that this would require a change in UK law - which I think ought to be looked at, but we can't wait for that before doing something about the problem. I am also advised by Graham Roberts that he was speaking as an individual member of Whitehaven Town Council and did not claim to represent either that council or Copeland Borough Council, or the group of which he is a member on CBC.)

* A man who went to his doctor with a sore leg was told he has only half a brain.

But there are three pieces of good news for him. Doctors have put a halt to the condition which had caused him to lose between 50% and 75% of his brain, his leg is better, and if he has paid his £3, he will still be able to vote for Jeremy Corbyn in the Labour Leadership election.

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