Sunday, November 27, 2016

Ed Balls' extraordinary run on Strictly Come Dancing comes to an end

Ed Balls has provided a huge amount of entertainment on Strictly Come Dancing this year.

Now the first nine words of that sentence are something I had never thought I would write.

But at long last, like the voters of Morley and Outwood, the Strictly Come Dancing voters have failed to save him.

Ironically, after the Strictly Judges had made little secret that they wanted rid of him for ten rounds, when he finally faced a run off he lost to another judge - Robert Rinder.

If the voters of Hayes and Harlington show the good judgement at the next election that the voters of Morley and Outwood did in 2015, perhaps we will get to see if the present shadow chancellor is any good at dancing.

One thing is for sure - he wouldn't be any good at running the economy!

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Jim said...

I have commented on it before and will do again. Ever since that night Ed Balls lost his seat, I have had a great respect for him.

I don't think I ever agreed with him once when he was a politician. If I lived in Morley and Outwood i would be one of the reasons he lost his seat. But when it happened and he did, the way we acted with such good grace on the stage, was a model for everyone. Since then he has made quite a few public appearances, not least of all when it was announced he was to be the Chairman at Norwich City Football Club. Every time when asked about it he tells it as it is, there was an election and I lost it. He always keeps his smile about it, and just accepts the result.

I am not a fan of "strictly come dancing" so i did not see any of his latest appearances, but I am willing to bet, when he was voted out he smiled and took it with very good grace, more than likely his first act would have been to congratulate his opponent for beating him. I can safely say this without ever having seen it.

As a politician i thought he was the worst person in the world. However these days I do often think of him believe it or not. He serves a very useful purpose, and its a lesson everyone can learn something from. Especially some of the people on the green benches at times.
There are not (generally) idiotic, un trustworthy people sat opposite you, just think of Ed Balls and all becomes clear, there are usually only honorable men and women whom you disagree with.