Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Government prepares three-line bill on article 50

After the "three-line whip" we now have the "three line bill."

In case they lose the appeal to the Supreme Court about their ability to trigger article 50 using executive powers, the government is preparing a three line bill to trigger Article 50 according to the BBC.

The reason it is so short is to make it difficult to submit wrecking amendments.

Ministers believe that MPs in seats which voted leave would not dare defy their constituents and that, given that holding a referendum and respecting the result was in the Conservative manifesto, peers would not dare defy the electorate, the House of Commons, and the Salisbury Convention by voting down such a bill.

1 comment:

Jim said...

As I said earlier we will discuss this one when we have the ruling from the supreme court.

But I have no objection to the government making a "in case that fails" plan. Perhaps the so called "leave campaign" would have benefited from the same thinking.