Friday, November 25, 2016

Nick Ferrari should have stopped while he was ahead ...

Nick Ferrari had a go at Tony Blair today on LBC here over the latter's call for another referendum on Europe.

It was originally supposed to be a one word reply: "Chilcot."

I think most people probably got that, although Nick could not resist turning it into a rather longer in case anyone missed the point, especially Blair "In the unlikely event you're listening to this.":

"You were at best economic with the truth," he added, "Many people believe you took us into a calamitous war on the basis of an absolute lie and a fabrication."

Actually there was quite a bit more than that, but you get the drift. And most people would probably agree with Nick, as the saying goes.

But he lost me when he turned on Sir John Major and said "two words: 'Edwina Currie.'"

Excuse me? Is that supposed to be remotely comparable to what Chilcot had to say about Blair?

If every TV or Radio presenter or other journalist who has ever had an affair were banned from expressing an opinion about Brexit, large parts of the media would be silent on the subject.

Actually, perhaps that's not a bad idea ...

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