Thursday, November 24, 2016

Message from the Party Chairman

Conservative Party Chairman Patrick McLoughlin writes:

Were you watching the Autumn statement yesterday? Our fantastic Chancellor, Philip Hammond, was outlining his plan for an economy that works for everyone.

Here are some of the key things that I took away from that speech yesterday:

  • We are open for business with the fastest growing major advanced economy in the world this year.
  • We are building the homes that we need with a new £2.3 billion Housing Infrastructure Fund to support 100,000 new homes.
  • We are investing in key infrastructure projects across our country with a new £23 billion National Productivity Investment Fund.
  • We are increasing the National Living Wage to £7.50 an hour – a pay rise for 1.3 million working people and a rise of £500 for the average full time worker.
  • We are freezing fuel duty for the seventh year in a row, saving the average car driver £130 a year and the average van driver £350 a year.
What a contrast that is to the situation that we found ourselves in six years ago – an economy on the brink of collapse, a deficit that was soaring and millions out of work. And every step of the way, the Labour Party have been sniping from the sidelines, opposing every decision we’ve taken to fix the economy. They want to raise taxes, reverse savings and spend hundreds of billions of pounds we don’t have.
So as we turn our attention to the New Year and the campaigns that we face across our country next May, I know that all of us will come together, work hard for our party and stand up to our opponents.

By donating to our campaign you will be investing in a party that is going to create the jobs, the economic growth and the investment that Britain needs, and stopping a party that will do the exact opposite.

Patrick McLoughlin
The Conservative Party Chairman

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Jim said...

We are freezing fuel duty for the seventh year in a row, saving the average car driver £130 a year and the average van driver £350 a year.

- How on Earth does that work? By freezing fuel duty, it means fuel duty remains at exactly the same level, how is that producing a saving? it says fuel will cost exactly the same. so no saving there.

you could say that we are not going to increase the duty, but that is not a saving as such, it just means the government dont intend to rip people off even more. Kind of like a highway man saying how much he is helping you by letting you keep your bus fair.

Jim said...

You could also argue that its a saving in "real terms" but even that is not a saving, it means they took it once in the inflation tax and dont intend to do a double whammy. once again - Not a saving. just a single increase rather than a double one.