Friday, November 11, 2016

The week's best spoof posts

I have already written now that Donald Trump is President-elect of the United States I am trying, not entirely successfully, not to feel like the people in this Daily Mash spoof article who are relieved that Britain is no longer the country whose electorate have taken the daftest decision of 2016.

That one is just a little too close to the truth for comfort.

There are of course a whole raft of Trump spoof articles, such as the suggestion about the potential job Nigel Farage might be given in a Trump administration: (the one suggested by the Daily Mash is a much better reflection of his true abilities than the positions he has actually held such as MEP and leader of a national political party).

The News Thump site also suggested that the  immigration website of planet PSRB 1257 crashed due to heavy demand from humans trying to move 1700 light years to the farthest known planet following the Trump victory (of course, this actually happened to Canada.)

The last line of the article suggests that residents of Planet PSRB 1257 are considering the possibility of building a wall to keep them out.

After the fuss about the appeal court ruling on article 50, the Daily Mash informs us that

"Brexit supporters have set up a network of people's courts where justice is based on popular opinion."

The most off-the-wall spoof post of the week, especially if you have been fortunate enough not to see this year's John Lewis Christmas advert, is entitled

"We do not like trampolining, say hedgehogs."

However, the funniest article of the week has to be the following News Thump suggestion:

"Southern Rail wins contract to transport souls of the damned to hell."

It was noted that not many changes would be needed and that regular Southern Rail commuters were surprised, as they had thought they were already there.

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