Thursday, April 06, 2017


Nominations closed on Tuesday for the election of 84 councillors to serve on Cumbria County Council. The election will take place on Thursday 4th May 2017.

I shall be standing again in the Egremont North and St Bees division which I previously contested at the last County Council elections four years ago and where I missed election by just 13 votes.

The Conservatives are the only party who are fighting all 84 divisions. Labour are contesting most of the county (78 candidates)

The list of candidates for Cumbria County council by district and division is as follows:


Dalton North
Conservative: Ben Shirley; Labour: Barry Doughty; Independent: Glen Higgins.
Dalton South
Conservative: Des English; Labour: Ernie Wilson; Lib/Dem: Raymond Beecham; UKIP: Dick Young.
Conservative: Roy Worthington; Labour: Connor James Lambton.
Conservative: Ann English; Labour: Anne Burns; UKIP: Dave Roberts.
Newbarns & Parkside
Conservative: Sol Wielkopolski; Labour: John Murphy; UKIP: Karl Hunt.
Old Barrow
Conservative: Brenda Lauderdale; Labour: Helen Wall; UKIP: Colin Rudd.
Conservative: Teri-Ann Gibney; Labour: Bill McEwan; UKIP: Theresa McMeekin
Conservative: Jamie Samson; Labour: Kevin Hamilton.
Conservative: Derek Gawne; Labour: Fred Chatfield; UKIP: Pete Richards.
Walney North
Conservative: David McLeavy; Labour: Mel Worth.
Walney North
Conservative: Rory McClure; Labour: Frank Cassidy.


Labour: Paul Leslie Birks; Conservative: Gareth Michael Ellis; Independent: Alan Toole
Belle Vue
Green Party: Helen Elizabeth Atkinson; Labour: Christine Bowditch; Conservative: Geoffrey Osborne; UKIP: Susan Riley
Independent: Robert William Betton; Green Party: Deb Brown; Labour: Helen Anne Fisher; Conservative: Paul Nedved
Labour: Lesley Begley; Conservative: Lawrence Fisher; UKIP: John James Harding; Lib Dem: Olwyn Doreen Luckley; Green Party: Colin Luhrs
Conservative: James Bainbridge; Green Party: Richard Sebastian Hunt; Labour: Alan Robert McGuckin; UKIP: Robbie Ried-Sinclair; Lib Dem: David John Wood
Corby and; Hayton
Independent: William James Graham; Lib Dem: Alison Elizabeth Hobson; Green Party: Charmian Jess McCutcheon; Conservative: Keith Meller
Independent: Jeffrey Bomford; Green Party: Sky Fiona Higgins; Conservative: Geoff Mitchell; Labour: Reg Watson
Dalston and Burgh
Lib Dem: Trevor Allison; Conservative: Katharine Oliver; Labour: Ray Warwick
Denton Holme
Conservative: Syed Ali; Green Party: Neil Boothman; Labour: Hugh McDevitt; UKIP: Kerryanne Mckay Wilde
Harraby North
Conservative: Barbara Eden; Labour: Cyril Frederick Weber
Harraby South
Labour: Deborah Anne Earl; Independent: Jack Paton; Conservative: Michael Randall
Houghton and Irthington
Green Party: Hazel Jane Graham; Conservative: John Mallinson; UKIP: Fiona Rachel Mills; Lib Dem: Brendan Murphy; Labour: Maggie Robinson
UKIP: Graham Moore; Labour: Stephen Ronald Sidgwick; Conservative: Val Tarbitt
Labour: John Bell; Green Party: Rob Morrison; Conservative: David Shepherd
Stanwix Urban
Green Party: Helen Davison; UKIP: Phil Douglass; Labour: Tim Linford; Conservative: Elizabeth Mallinson
UKIP: John Gordon Denholm; Green Party: Penelope Bothepa Foster; Lib Dem: James Ernest Ostler; Conservative: Fiona Robson; Labour: Stewart Farries Young
Lib Dem: Jeff Coates; UKIP: Malcolm Fraser Craik; Labour: Beth Fernaux; Green Party: Henry Bryson Goodwin; Conservative: Stephen Haraldsen
Labour: Steven John William Bowditch; Green Party: Dallas Jane Brewis; Lib Dem: Michael Anthony Gee; Conservative: Nick Marriner.


Labour: Peter Gregory Kendall; Conservative: Jim Lister; Lib Dem: Phill Roberts; UKIP: David Wilson
Bothel and Wharrels
Conservative: Alan Bowness; Green Party: Jill Perry
Cockermouth North
Labour: Isabel Jeanette Burns; Green Party: Flic Crowley; Lib Dem: Rebecca Charlotte Hanson; Conservative: Peter Andrew Hardie Nicholson
Cockermouth South
Conservative: Alan Kennon; Lib Dem: Roger Peck; Green Party: Jane Christine Roy; Labour: Andrew Irving Semple
Dearham and Broughton
Labour: Alan Clark; Conservative: Hugo George Greenbank Graham; UKIP: Richard Mawdsley; Green Party: Helen Hilda Smith
Lib Dem: Reece Fleming; Labour: Janet Mary King; Conservative: Neville Lishman; Independent: Marjorie Rae
Green Party: Jack Frederick Lennox; Labour: Tony Lywood; Conservative: Ron Munby
Maryport North
Green: Clare Brown; UKIP: George Masterton Kemp; Labour: Carni McCarron-Holmes; Conservative: Sarah Jane Pagan
Maryport South
Labour: Keith Anthony Little; Green Party: Laura Rumney; Conservative: Antony Armstrong Todd
Moss Bay and Moorclose
Labour: Barbara Ann Cannon; Conservative: Louise Mary Donnelly; Green Party: Douglas Maw; Independent: Stephen Stoddart
Green Party: Alistair John Grey; Conservative: Mark Jenkinson; Labour: Celia Tibble
Solway Coast
Independent: John Cook; Conservative: Tony Markley; Green Party: Richard Clive Rawson; Labour: Caroline Richardson
St John's and; Great Clifton
Independent: Joe Holliday; Labour: Antony David McGuckin; Conservative: Ann Vipond McKerrell; Green Party: Fliss Watts
St Michael's
Labour: Alan Lawrence Barry; Lib Dem: Margaret Bennett; Green Party: Peter George Rowland Rigg; Conservative: Gladys Wilson
Conservative: Duncan Fairbairn; Labour: Bill Goldsmith; Green Party: Dianne Estelle Standen
Green Party: Patricia Anne Ackred; Conservative: Malcolm Grainger; Labour: Roger John Liddle


Green Party: Maggie Bedford; Labour: Rachel Margaret Holliday; Independent: Charles Edward Maudling; Conservative: Graham Roberts
Cleator Moor East & Frizington
Labour: Tim Knowles; Conservative: Arthur Lamb; Green Party: Allan Franciscus Todd
Cleator Moor West
UKIP: Nicholas Frederick Ford; Conservative: Genna Haraldsen; Lib Dem: Mike Minogue; Labour: Frank Irving Morgan; Independent: Christopher Patrick Ross
Conservative: Alistair Norwood; Labour: David Edward Southward
Egremont North and; St Bees
Independent: Jayne Anne Laine; Independent: Wammo Walmsley; Conservative: Chris Whiteside; Labour: Henry Wormstrup
Labour: Peter Kane; Independent: Sam Meteer; Green Party: Daniel James Nixon; Conservative: Christopher Paul Turner
Hillcrest and; Hensingham
Labour: Christine Wharrier; Conservative: Andrew Wonnacott
UKIP: Eric William Atkinson; Conservative: Martin Barbour; Labour: Gillian Ruth Troughton; Green Party: Sharon Josephine Watson
Kells and; Sandwith
Independent: Michael Patrick Anthony Guest; Conservative: Brigid Whiteside; Labour: Emma Louise Williamson
Labour: Denise Barbara Burness; Conservative: Doug Wilson
Millom Without
Conservative: Keith Hitchen; Green Party: Sally Millar; Labour: Ryan Woods
Labour: Mike Hawkins; Conservative: Jane Micklethwaite


Alston and; East Fellside
Labour: Claire Susan Driver; Lib Dem: Deb Holden; Green Party: Alan William Marsden; Independent: Mary Robinson; Conservative: Walter Walker
Lib Dem: Andy Connell; Green Party: Kimberley Jane Lawson; Conservative: John Mervyn Owen; Labour: John Potts
Eden Lakes
Lib Dem: Neil Hughes; Conservative: Laura Elizabeth Kay
Greystoke and Hesket
Lib Dem: Roger Burgin; Green Party: Doug Lawson; UKIP: David Benson Ryland; Conservative: Tom Waites Wentworth; Labour: Ruth Ann Wood
Kirkby Stephen
Conservative: Phil Dew; Lib Dem: Kelvyn Justin Simon James; Green Party: Richard Kevin O’Brien; Labour: Ian Daniel Simkins
Penrith East
Lib Dem: Patricia Anne Bell; UKIP: Mary Elizabeth Dixon; Conservative: John Forrester; Green Party: Ali Ross; Labour: Hilary Jane Snell
Penrith North
Conservative: Hilary Carrick; Lib Dem: Virginia Christine Taylor
Penrith Rural
Lib Dem: Lorna Ann Baker; Green Party: Wade Tidbury; Independent: Michael Christopher Tonkin; Conservative: David Whipp
Penrith West
Lib Dem: Judith Margaret Derbyshire; Conservative: Helen Fearon; Labour: Dave Knaggs; Independent: Lee Quinn


Conservative: Steve Chambers;  Green: Robin Le Mare; Lib/Dem: Sue Sanderson.
Conservative: Bill Wearing; Green: Laura Miller; Labour: Nicola Kennedy; Lib/Dem: Dave Khan;
High Furness
Conservative Matt Brereton; Green: Chris Loynes; Labour: Gerry Scott; Lib/Dem: David Fletcher;
Kendall Castle
Conservative: Harry Taylor; Green: Gwen Harrison; Labour: Jim Ring; Lib/Dem: Chris Hogg;
Kendall Highgate
Conservative: Emma Hine; Green: Phil Whiting; Labour: Paul Braithwaite; Lib/Dem: Geoff Cook;
Kendall Nether
Conservative: Pamela Flitcroft; Green: Andy Mason; Labour: Eli Aldridge; Lib/Dem: Shirley Evans;
Kendall South
Conservative: Andrew Lucas; Green: Meg Hill; Labour: Jackson Stubbs; Lib/Dem: Brenda Gray;
Kendall Strickland & Fell
Conservative: Michael Nicholson; Green: Ian Rodham; Labour: Virginia Branney; Lib/Dem: Peter Thornton;
Kent Estuary
Conservative: Tom Harvey;  Green: Jill Abel; Labour: Lois Sparling Lib/Dem: Ian Stewart.
Conservative: Tim Brown; Green: Chris Rowley; Labour: Alison Gilchrist; Lib/Dem: Will Clark
Low Furness
Conservative Andrew Butcher; Green: Peter Howlett; Labour: Shirley-Ann Wilson; Lib/Dem: Janet Willis;
Lower Kentdale
Conservative: Roger Bingham; Green: Simon Blunden; Labour: Paul Casson; Lib/Dem: Gordon Higton;
Lyth Valley
Conservative James Bland; Green: Adam Rubinstein; Lib/Dem: Bex Cooper; UKIP: Stephen Willmott;
Sedburgh and Kirkby Lonsdale
Conservative: Kevin Lancaster; Green: Daphne Jackson; Labour: Nick Cross; Lib/Dem: Nick Cotton;
Ulverston East
Conservative: Helen Irving;  Green: Bob Gerry; Labour: John Wilson; Lib/Dem: Andrew Hudson.
Ulverston West
Conservative: James Airey;  Green: Judy Filmore; Labour: David Webster; Lib/Dem: Loraine Birchall.
Upper Kent
Conservative: Margaret Bond;  Green: Adrian Porter; Labour: Andy Windsor Lib/Dem: Stan Collins.
Upper Kent
Conservative: Ben Berry;  Green: Kate Threadgold; Labour: Penny Henderson; Lib/Dem: Steve Rooke.


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Don't surrender to the Darkside, Vote Chris Whiteside.

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I've seen worse election slogans!