Friday, April 14, 2017

Rob Semple on Cumbria Conservatives leading the way

Rob Semple is Chairman of the National Conservative Convention which makes him the senior elected member of the Conservative voluntary party.

Here is an extract from an article he wrote yesterday on Conservative Home

"I want to update those who were unable to make it to Cardiff for our recent Spring Forum and National Convention on developments that have taken place since.

I was delighted that the forum was held on a larger scale again, and am grateful to our colleagues in Wales who hosted us.

This gathering was our first since the historic win in Copeland for Trudy Harrison – winning a seat that has not been Conservative since 1935 was a truly stunning result. Trudy gave a great speech at the forum, and thanked activists from across the country who had braved often hostile weather conditions to play their part in her victory. It was a real team effort by volunteers, professionals and Parliamentarians across the Party – so thank you to everyone who helped out, whether that was on the ground or making calls from home.

Cumbria is also leading the way in the good progress we are making in implementing proposals from the Party Review. Members in Copeland and the other five Cumbria constituencies have now voted overwhelmingly in a members’ ballot to create the Party’s first Multiple Constituency Association (MCA). The Party is now in the process of recruiting a dedicated campaign manager for the area to help drive this initiative forward. Close behind, another MCA has been approved by a similarly convincing majority in a ballot in Northumberland – another important step which will help us to strengthen our campaigning power across the North of England."

You can read the full article here.

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