Friday, April 28, 2017

Good news for the UK Economy

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) which represents the British companies which make and trade in cars and vehicles describes March 2017 as the best month since the turn of the millennium for UK car manufacturing.


Anonymous said...

How many British companies make cars?

Chris Whiteside said...

Depends how you define a British company, but SMMT have over 700 members and 170,691 cars were built in the UK in March, so making cars is still an important industry in this country.

Anonymous said...

BMW, Nissan, Toyota, Honda, Jaguar, Land Rover, are they British companies in your world?

Jim said...

don't see that it matters. Ok the companies themselves are not british, but the plants are located in the UK, making use of UK resorces and emplying Brits.

Chris Whiteside said...

the point Jim makes is the important one.

Despite its current foreign ownership, I would indeed consider Jaguar Land Rover to be a British company, formed by the merger of British companies which have been making Rovers, later Land rovers, and Jaguars in Britain since 1904 and 1935 respectively. (The company which was founded as "The Swallow Sidecar Company" in 1922 and traded as "S.S. Cars" changed its' name to Jaguar Cars Limited in 1945: the company's co-founder and chairman said at the time

"Unlike S. S. the name Jaguar is distinctive and cannot be connected or confused with any similar foreign name.")

But the key point is that all the SMMT member companies who are making cars in Britain are creating jobs and wealth in Britain.