Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Parliament approves June 8 election by 522 votes to 13.

The House of Commons has voted by an overwhelming majority in favour of the motion to call a general election on 8th June.

There were 522 votes in favour including the majority of Conservative, Labour and Lib/Dem MPs. Most of the SNP abstained and there were only 13 MPs against, who Guido Fawkes has named as:

  • Dennis Skinner
  • Ronnie Campbell
  • Ann Clwyd
  • Paul Farrelly
  • Jim Fitzpatrick
  • Lady Hermon
  • Clive Lewis
  • Fiona Mactaggart
  • Liz McInnes
  • Alasdair McDonnell
  • Graham Stringer
  • Michelle Thomson
  • Natalie McGarry

  • What I must confess I do not get is the position of those opposition MPs who have accused Theresa May of putting the Conservative party's interests before those of the country by proposing a motion calling and election but who also themselves voted for that motion, or abstained.

    If they think the election is against the national interest, why didn't they vote against calling it? If they think it will be in the interest of the country to have an early election, how can they criticise the Prime Minister for putting forward the motion to call it?


    Jim said...

    I never understood why any opposition party would object to an election.

    it makes no sence at all. its like standing up and saying "the government are crap" - (all opposition parties do that, and that is what they are supoosed to do) - "and here is why............."
    "But we should not have a general election because my party might get elected and we are even more crap"

    Jim said...

    Unless of course the opposition MPs are only there for the gravy train and know they are crap. So they are voting against to keep their own noses in the trough for as long as possible.

    But even then.....

    when I was learning to fly my instructor Dennis was quite blunt. he would say, how is your appoach? i would say something like maybe a little high, to which he would scream at me "DON'T ******* TELL ME, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT"

    I guess its the same with politics if you are crap, and you know you are crap, and you are betting you may well lose your seat at the next election, then should not you have done something about that?