Monday, April 24, 2017

Good news on trade

The latest CBI trade survey shows British exports rising strongly: the strongest rise in overall export orders for six years, non-EU orders rising at the fastest rate on record.


Jim said...

Exporting to whom? - and are we paying off debts or are we saving up?

Jim said...

while (about a year or so ago) I done this exercise, I basically stopped pricing things in pounds. its quite hard to do at first, but its amazing how quick you get used to it.

I used gold, but you can use what ever you want. And price everything in terms of your chosen comodity, at the rate you started. its very reveling if you can do it.

Take the news of the "Euro surge following 1st French round" - erm no actually all 3 currencys the pound the Euro and the Dollar had a bit of a bounce up, but the Euro went higher than the other two and then they all fell off again"

Just try it for one month, right currently gold is about £32 per gram

this is also not bad as it gets the old grey matter doing sums agian for a while.

so when you buy a sandwich and its priced at £2.99 just think thats 0.1g

and think in grams not pounds, do this for a month or so (you get used to it very quickly, kind of like how you get used to foreign currency when abroad for a week or so) but you do, and do it for 1 month and it tells you a lot.

Worth wile exercise for anyone to try

Chris Whiteside said...

The more we export at any given exchange rate the more we can afford to import useful things or pay off our debts.

The figures which would allow a full answer to the question have not been published but I suspect that the increased exports are going to most of the countries of the world and it's probably going to enable a bit of both.