Monday, April 03, 2017

Some good advice to Remainers from an intelligent Pro-EU article

Most of what I have read from the more vehement Remainers in the months since last June 23rd has ben "Stop the world, I want to get off."

It was a pleasant change to read a pro-remain piece in the FT yesterday by: Wolfgang M√ľnchau which is honest and constructive though in my case at least his honest assessment of what sort of terms might be available if Britain ever tried to rejoin the EU made me less likely to support such a move.

There are several very good quotes from the article, for example:

"Cool your outrage about your government’s negotiation stance in the forthcoming exit talks. Both sides will fight with their gloves off. This is what the EU does.

We know that the Article 50 process is stacked heavily against the country that is leaving. The only chance to level the playing field is a credible commitment to walk out without a deal. There is logic to Mrs May’s “no deal is better than a bad deal”. Her next task is to make her threat credible."

And one which he aims at the remainers, but the first two sentences are equally applicable to some Brexit supporters ...

"Stop being angry. Stop behaving as though you are still campaigning. And stop complaining that stupid voters chose to believe the lies of the Brexiters and not your own, more sophisticated lies."

 You can read the full article here.

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Jim said...

there is a sensible alternative, simply remain in the single market, there is the trade thing done. Now use the entire 2 years to negotiate the exit terms. You see, this gives the entire 2 years to negotiating exit terms, and it stops the likes of Merkel trying to make it impossible.

so at the end is this a good deal? well no. but now we are no longer members of the EU, we are free of the TEU, and free of the 2 year time limit. Now we can negotiate a new trade deal.