Monday, April 24, 2017

Quote of the day 24th April 2017


Jim said...

i can agreee with this,

But also the man who makes a mistake and learns from it, and then puts up his hand to it is the better man.

or you could just just carry on as normal and openly state in the House of Commons that selling the nations gold for toilet roll, after advertising exatcly when and exactly how much was for sale before hand, was a good idea.

Ho hum

Jim said...

Also when HWSNBN did do that, you could tell by reading him what he was thinking

He said - "we were right to diversify our portfollio Mr Speaker"

He thought - "ha, the plebs won't understand that"

he thought wrong.

he went on to say as well as that we bought Euros, which no one will regret, 2 weeks later the euro and the pound plunged as gold re-rallied following the "brown botton"

Chris Whiteside said...

Indeed. When you make a mistake you should learn from it, even if you follow the example of Michael Heseltine who was asked what mistakes he had made and replied

"I am humble enough to know that I have made mistakes but politically astute enough that I have forgotten what they are."