Friday, September 08, 2017

"Don't Know" seem to be the hardest words ...

Yougov have just released the results of a survey in which one of the questions was whether respondents had a plan to deal with a Zombie Apocalypse.

A surprising fraction of the population said that they had.

Stephen Bush in an article in the New Statesman,

"A new poll shows that men are more frightened of saying 'Don't know' than of zombies"

makes an amusing argument, but one with more than a hint of truth, that

"as far as men are concerned, the hardest words to use are 'I don’t know'.

There is actually a rational reason to be more frightened of having to say "I don't know" than of zombies.

Zombies do not exist, but situations in which one may be asked a question to which the honest answer is "I don't know" do.

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