Sunday, September 17, 2017

Terror threat level dropped from "critical" to "severe"

Following the arrests in connection with the Parson's Green tube bombing home secretary Amber Rudd has announced that Britain's terror threat level has been dropped back from the highest level, "critical" to the second highest, "severe."

In the wake of the bombing the threat level had been raised to "critical." which meant that another attack could be imminent.

Today (Sunday 17th September), the Home Secretary confirmed the threat level has been lowered back down to severe - meaning that members of the military will return to their original postings.

Over the weekend, military personal were supporting the police - allowing more armed officers to patrol the streets.

Ms Rudd said: "Following the attack in Parsons Green last Friday the police have made good progress with what is an ongoing operation.

"The joint terrorist analysis centre, which reviews the threat level that the UK is under, has decided to lower that level from critical to severe.

"Severe still means that an attack is highly likely so I would urge everybody to continue to be vigilant but not alarmed."


Anonymous said...

You're more likely to be killed by the inept actions of your Council than you are by a terrorist - "Be vigilant"

Chris Whiteside said...

I think that might be rather difficult to quantify.