Friday, September 01, 2017

When is a snub not a snub?

I wonder how many of the people who accused Jeremy Hunt of "snubbing" WCH when he was in Carlisle and didn't come to Whitehaven had agreed with Jeremy Corbyn the previous week when the Labour leader was quoted on the front page of the Whitehaven news, denying having snubbed Whitehaven by coming to Cleator Moor and not visiting Whitehaven?

Listen very carefully as this may be the only time in my life I defend Jeremy Corbyn on something:

I did not agree with accusing Corbyn of snubbing Whitehaven when he came to Cleator Moor, and did not join in.

I think it even more ridiculous to accuse Jeremy Hunt of snubbing Whitehaven when he came to visit health services in Carlisle, which is much further away from Whitehaven than Cleator Moor, particularly as one of the very reasons we have been campaigning to keep services at WCH is how long that journey takes.

If you accuse politicians of "snubbing" everywhere within an hour's journey which they don't visit when they venture away from Westminster the likely result is that they will be that much less likely to come up here at all.

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