Sunday, September 10, 2017

Labour "dirty tricks department"

Fraser Watt - who is a Young Labour activist for London - appears to have been a busy bee.

See this link:

It would appear that he has been pushing socialist ideas and is an officer of the youth wing of the Labour party under his real name while also posing as a founder of "Activate" which is supposedly a Tory youth organisation - though it was never an official Conservative body - and in that capacity calling for Theresa May to resign and be replaced by Jacob Rees-Mogg.

If "Activate" was really founded by Tories - and the jury is still out on that - it would appear that Corbynistas have been responsible for some if not most of the material it has been putting.

It is certain that some journalists and political websites have been at best too credulous in accepting "Activate" messages as being from a Conservative organisation when it was never an official part of the Conservative party and at least some of those messages were actually part of a Labour "false flag" operation to smear Conservatives.

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