Sunday, September 03, 2017

September meeting of Cumbria County Council

Cumbria County Council will be meeting at County Hall in Kendal at 10am on Wednesday 6th September. The full agenda and papers are available on the County Council website here but a summary of the agenda with links to some of the main documents for the meeting is as follows:

Roll Call of Members
Declarations of Interest
To confirm as a correct record the minutes of the two meetings of the Council held on 29 June 2017.
Exclusion of Press and Public
To consider whether there are any items on the agenda in respect of which the press and public should be excluded during consideration of the item. (There won't be)
Public Participation
To receive petitions or questions from the public under the Public Participation Scheme for the Council.  This item is time limited to 30 minutes.
Announcements and Communications
To receive announcements from the Chair, Leader, Cabinet or the Chief Executive.
The minutes of the meeting of the County cabinet held on 27 July 2017
To consider a report from the Cabinet Member for Children’s Services 
To consider questions from Members to the Leader, a Member of the Executive or the Chair of any Committee.
To consider a report from the Chair of the Scrutiny Management Board
Minutes of Committees
To receive reports from Committees of the Council .
To receive the minutes of a meeting of the Workington Harbour Board held on 20 July 2017.  Workington Harbour Board pdf icon PDF 57 KB
To consider a report from the Cabinet Member for Children’s Services.
Notice of Motions
None received for this meeting.
To hear speeches (not exceeding five minutes each) from individual members, of which at least 24 hours’ notice has been given


Anonymous said...

Cumbria County Council, an astonishingly incompetent Council - but nobody ever does anything wrong or is held to account for it.

Chris Whiteside said...

Well, that's one point of view.

I don't think Cumbria County council gets everything right, far from it.

I would like to see the council better run for the residents and yes, that includes holding people more effectively to account when things go wrong, which they do too often.

Equally if one wants to achieve that one has to be constructive.

Chris Whiteside said...

Suspect I can now guess where the author of the initial comment was coming from.

A report has just come out concerning a court case against Amey which Cumbria County Council lost, landing the taxpayers of the county with £21 million in legal costs.

This court case resulted from decisions taken by council officers several years ago, well before I was elected to the council so I personally have nothing to hide.

Councillors have been advised to be careful what we say or write on the subject, as there might be further litigation on this issue and the last thing any responsible councillor should want to do is say anything which might be quoted by a party who was to bring any further legal action against Cumbria County Council and thereby help saddle the taxpayer with even more legal bills.

So all I'm going to say at this stage is that I am extremely concerned at what happened and that it is important that the council makes absolutely certain that all the lessons are learned to stop this sort of thing happen again, and that there is as much transparency as possible in reporting to the public what happened and what is done to stop it happening again.